For Victorian Touring Coaches, ensuring we operate responsibly and sustainably is a key priority. We comply with all required legal and statutory environmental regulations. And, by actively promoting and supporting passenger use of bus and coach transport, we are helping decrease individual car use, which leads to reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – a significant component of greenhouse gas emissions.

Working smarter in the office

At Head Office, we encourage decreased use, re-use and recycling where possible, especially of paper, cardboard and printer cartridges. We also promote use of natural light over electricity where possible or lighting via energy efficient bulbs such as LED or CFL lighting.

Our new purpose-built offices and depot, make maximum use of natural light and energy via glass and sky lights. These will help to light and heat the building, especially during the day, ensuring that Victorian Touring Coaches is not as reliant on artificial lighting and heating/cooling systems.

Proactive management of water and waste

Rain water is collected and stored in water tanks, then used for washing buses. Interior and exterior vehicle surfaces are cleaned with environmentally friendly, bio-degradable products. South East Water has approved Victorian Touring Coaches for bus washing under stage 3A water restrictions.

Vehicles are checked during regular maintenance inspections and any oil and fuel leaks are rectified. Vehicle parking bays are also checked for signs of oil and fuel leaks and relevant coaches reported to maintenance. Any oil and fuel spills are cleaned up immediately with eco-friendly spill kits.

At our purpose built depot, we will also have a triple interceptor system and sludge pits for treatment of dirty water, before it goes into the storm water system.

An energy efficient approach for drivers and coaches

Our Driver Education and Awareness Program includes training to ensure drivers operate the coaches as fuel efficiently as possible. The coaches are serviced regularly to make sure they function safely and effectively from an environmental perspective. In addition, on tours, recyclable/disposable plates, cups, serviettes and cutlery are used where possible.

New coaches to the Victorian Touring Coaches fleet are all rated Euro 5 (or higher). Euro 5 engines use high-pressure fuel injection to decrease particle emissions and recirculation of exhaust gas, with the aim of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. An oxidising catalyst (like a catalytic converter) then further decreases nitrogen oxide emissions.

Both our day charter and 5-star Euro 5 coaches also use ‘AdBlue’ as an additional emissions control measure. AdBlue is a non-toxic, non-flammable biodegradable urea and water-based additive that processes the gases in a coach’s exhaust system to remove harmful nitrogen oxide, resulting in cleaner exhaust gas.

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